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Welcome to our HP! From guide them through various playing adventures along with children!
One look is worth a thousand words. Please come and visit our school. We are welcome❢

We have 5 bilingual Japanese daycare professional who experienced with childcare qualifications and a bilingual teacher with Elementary and kindergarten qualification who will collaborate work with parents to provide support and dedication throughout your child’s growth.

Sakurakids offers the following classes:

*Kinder Class(age 3-6) : 2-3 staff in charge
・An Original curriculum which is supervised by a highly experienced Australian- qualified early childhood educator who holds a degree in physics and mathematics.
・Mango class offers an environment where learning blossoms from nature and play.
・Class in charge of Childcare workers a Certificate Ⅲ in Early Childhood Care, with experience both in Australia and Canada. Let’s have a great time together.

*Baby Class(age 18m-3) : 4-5 staff in charge
・play-focused and child-centred
・Under the supervision of British instructor with qualified teacher status in UK who is 20 years teaching experience, incorporating various knowledge about children’s diversity, and in collaboration with childcare workers, we create an environment akin to a large family, where we closely attend to infants and sometimes coordinate with local communities.

*After school Kindergarten Class(age 3-6) : 3-4 staff in charge
・Unique curriculum taught by American instructors.(Behavior through culture, how to build a team work and build a bridge to help each other, etc.)
・Children enjoy learning a lot of things by music with a bilingual daycare professional who has knowledge of English acquired through life in America
・After attending Japanese kindergartens or nurseries, we offer an environment where children can learn and grow in their ability to switch between Japanese and English seamlessly.

*After school Elementary Class(age 6-12) : 3-4 staff in charge
Class divisions for upper, middle, and lower grades.
Programs for enjoyment with learning after school.
・Classes taught by a bilingual instructor with qualified primary and kindergarten teachers who specialize in art, using inspiration to nurture children’s creativity.
・Lessons led by Filipino instructor with MBA who are well-versed in the techniques of learning English as a second language.
・Multi lingual and multi cultural British instructor with TEFL teaching certificate who can cultivate a global sense through helping kids learn and have fun in English.

In our English environment, children will also have the opportunity to Japanese culture

All classes and teachers support children toward one goal: [世界に羽ばたけSakurakidsの子どもたち]
“Let the children of Sakurakids spread their wings to the world.”